For 30 years, Bob Wilson has been involved in timber procurement and land management in our tri-state area (Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama). He has purchased timber and facilitated Conservation Easements for individual, corporate and government landowners over the years. He feels that the best part of his work has always been meeting new people and helping them meet their objectives for their timber land. As a timber procurement manager with soil and water 1B certification, he is always conscious of the impact our harvest activities could have on his client’s property. Bob has had a vested interest in Conservation Easements and timber harvesting operations through the years and this experience has helped him successfully manage Ridge Line Timber since 2006. Our most important objective is to do all we can to provide a good experience for the landowner whether you are placing a Conservation Easement on your property or selling and harvesting your timber. Every contractor and all associates that work for Ridge Line Timber stay in compliance with all Federal and State requirements to accomplish the work at hand.