Ridge Line Timber is a timber procurement and land management company. One of our services is buying timber that is being offered for sale, by you the landowner. The sale of your timber is a big decision and you only do this a few times in your life on the same tract of land so we understand the importance of getting the best possible price for your timber. We would appreciate an opportunity to cruise your timber and submit a competitive bid for your consideration .




Ridge Line Timber is a service provider for the placement of Conservation Easements. Conservation Easements are for the landowner that has a tract of land that they would like to perpetually protect from future building development. Property that is encumbered by an easement can be in timber production, along with many agriculture uses and many forms of recreation. Under the Internal Revenue Code section 170(h), Conservation Easements can offer significant tax advantages to the landowner that chooses to place their tract of land in a Conservation Easement.




If your long term plan for your tract of land is to continue to grow timber, we can assist you in replanting the property. Often there are state or federal cost share programs available for the landowner to assist in preparing and replanting the tract of land after your timber harvest is complete. Our staff has years of experience in helping landowners with this process and we are glad to offer this post-harvest work to our clients.